On The Stoop

Stoop Kidz afraid to leave..?

The beginning, and the ending. Where it all starts. All good things have came from the Stoop. Which can be anything,  it isn’t just limited to the steps. It could be the green electric box, it could be the playground, it could be your living room. That one place where you are able to be free, especially with the homies. Where you can have those unfiltered conversations, outlandish debates, and hypothetical scenarios. It’s a place where your get rich quick schemes come to fruition, as well as your million dollar dreams. This is the epitome of that place synonymous with that type of indentured freedom. The possibilities are endless, but the world starts when you actually take a step off it. That’s why it can be both the beginning and ending. Where dreams are thought up, dreams also die there. We invite you to our humble abode, it’s an honor.

..their Stoop?

Thank you, thank you, thank you, you’re far too kind. Because for the time spent here is an open invitation to our minds. “..because I’m only giving you things you joke about with your friends inside your living room.” On the Stoop entails the random ass thoughts and ideas that come to mind that we choose to put on paper. Whether we are curating a top 10 list, or dropping some thought provoking stuff you will find it all right here in this section. Those debates and topics that’ll send your group chat into a frenzy? Yeah that’s the gist of things in this section. So for like the umpteenth time we welcome you and everyone you brought with you, to the Stoop


Stoop Kidz