Off The Stoop

Stoop Kidz leave the…Stoop?

Rebuild the Community.

We like to consider ourselves upstanding citizens who dabble in community efforts from time to time. When we aren’t locking ourselves in our rooms with old cassette tapes to keep us warm because we hate new rap so much that we wish we were old enough to be in the club when Wu Tang drop, we go out and do dope shit. So this section is where you will find any collab efforts we’ve been apart of, whether it’s a podcast feature, radio show, must see interviews, all of that. Whether it’s a duo or a solo move if we are in it, it is up there. Not only the fun stuff but as well as the impactful stuff also.

Stoop Community

Unfortunately, not everyday are we partying like it’s 1999. While it seems inviting it wouldn’t hold much merit if we weren’t also helping people out as well. Whether it is our annual scholarship efforts, or Letters to Soldiers drive you’ll find it here. Any community effort we’ve indulged in basically.

Don’t Forget to Tip Your Waiter

You’ll also more than likely stumble across a site you like more than ours in this section. We have come in contact with a lot of other dope people who are also doing dope shit in the world. If you do find someone you like better it’s no hard feelings (kind of not really). Just make sure you come back to visit us common folk from time to time, you’re always welcomed on the Stoop regardless.