Pilot Talk Season 2 Debut Episode: RECAP

8 iz Enuff

Pilot Talk Podcast returns for its 2nd season the Red Eye Flight. After a brief layover for the holidays, the team moved on up to a new studio, and a new sound. Nonetheless the same dopeness still pumps from the speaker like a new moms. The first episode of the season recently released, ‘8 iz Enuff’ where the Pilots drop knowledge on the “8 theory” of hip hop. As always here’s the recap of the things you might or might not have missed. Thanks again for flying with us.

0:00– Through planning for the new season, we just knew we had to punch niggas in the mouth. Figuratively of course. We wanted to come back hard, and set the tone for the new year. So we set out to find one of the most aggressive songs of recent memory. Enter Casanova- Set Tripping. Shit makes me want to suplex a rhino in the middle of rush hour traffic that’s how hard this shit bang. Crimeny *Helga voice.

9:15– Nas- Illmatic is monumental for so many damn reasons. Aside from the obvious lyrical masterpiece, the production was on point. This was one of the first, if not the first album where the idea of one producer became outdated. Around this time people usually stuck with their in house producer or DJ or whomever. Illmatic recruited producers, and beatmakers alike from all over to form like Voltron. And what you had was the beginning of something great for this thing called hip hop.

11:40– No really, my notes are crazy. I can’t read them half the time 5 minutes after I’m done writing. It’s rough being a left hander bro


13:15– I was correct, Wu-Tang was signed as a group to Loud Records

13:30– I was correct again, ODB was signed as a solo artist to Elektra Records

14:50– Wu Tang fans need to swarm like the killer bees they are to sting the shit out of Pitter.

19:00– Ah the joys of a new studio, we (me especially) don’t have the etiquette down pact. The engineer gave us a run down of the best practice for a good show and I kept forgetting. One habit I have is turning my head all the way around while talking, instead of speaking into the mic. Rookie mistakes.

19:30– Word to (Superbowl MVP) Nick Foles.

24:12- Eminem slander shall not prosper here! Unless you’re talking the Encore album, then I fully understand.

24:45- Big Pun had a crazy history of violence towards his wife and family. An infamous clip of him pistol whipping his wife can be found somewhere on youtube. In an interview she goes to say after that incident she went upstairs to grab a shotgun. She never pulled the trigger. One of Pun’s sons is a rapper now, and this nigga is crazy on the mic. Peep him here.

28:02- Greatest Day in Hip Hop History. Here’s the link to the article I wrote a while back on it.

You missed us, didn’t you?

30:05- 2000 was a wild time. I remember everyone thought the world was going to end. Or technology would rise, or robots will rule the earth. Sci-fi movies fcked niggas heads all up. But then again, everyone always expects the world to end. June 6th, 2006 (6/6/6). December 21st, 2012. Psy Yi Yii.

31:40- Confessions of Fire album cover:

33:15- Man I bought a pair of those dumbass Kanye West shutter shades. I put them on and couldn’t see a damn thing. First and last time I wore them.

34:42- Deeper than Rap is my favorite Rick Ross album.

37:01- Static Major is most famously known for his feature on Lil Wayne’s ‘Lollipop.’ He’s also lesser known as being the the sample for Drake’s Look What You’ve Done.’

37:18- My computer was frozen the whole show and decides to make its grand appearance here. How rude.

40:08- There was a time in 2008 when Young Berg got beat up or robbed religiously every Wednesday.

45:34- The title of this episode comes from a Big L track of the same name. The other alternative title idea was going to be ‘Year of the Mamba.’

49:30- Curren$y is the cover art GAWD. If you don’t believe me, go back and peep his mixtape covers.

51:00- King Push has to be the most confusing album roll out ever. It’s been slated for release for almost 5 years. Then instead of releasing it a few years back, he releases Darkest Before Dawn but it’s pushed as an album? I am CONFUSION.

55:14- The track Crew is the personification of the beautiful shit we can make when the Moe’s (D.C.) and the Woe’s (Baltimore) put their differences aside and collab.

56:06- More studio (un)-etiquette. Pitter kicked my damn mic.

56:19- We chose to end it with the Bath Salts track because the beat is a slowed down version of Set Trippin (our opening track). Fun fact, both of these songs beat came from Raekwon’s Sonny’s Missing‘ from Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2.

Until next time friends

Same time, same place, same flight. Thank you all for listening, and if you haven’t don’t worry! You can stream our latest episode right here.