Horrorcore: Devil’s Night Playlist

Devil’s Night

The night before Halloween is usually dubbed Mischief Night or more popular Devil’s Night. It’s the night where young teens and such go around causing trouble. Most times it is usually harmless kid trouble, TP’ing houses, Egging people, the simple stuff. Other times, it gets pretty real with arson and setting houses on fire. Popularized in Detroit it is of sorts an anarchy type of holiday. To get an example take 8 Mile, when they run the abandon house down. It is of that nature, except I don’t think it was October 30th, and the reasoning wasn’t the same.

Whatever have you that is the gist of the “holiday.” It has slowed down as of recent years, with the Detroit community having enough after 1994. Deemed the wildest night, a one year old died in a blaze of fire that year. Though it was never specified if this was due to Devils Night or not, the people had enough. Thus the holiday went through a rebirth after this, renamed as Angel Night. Communities would come together and patrol the streets to protect their neighborhoods from the chaos. There is your history lesson for the day.

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The Horrorcore sub-genre of hip hop is one that is kind of beloved, yet hated at the same time. It’s been out since the beginning, but didn’t take off until the late 90’s. Some random blonde hair white guy took it mainstream and it’s been history ever since. Any who, Horrorcore is that extreme, wild shit. The serial killer, devil “worshipping,” insane ‘who can say the most foul shit on record’ type of things. Whether it’s the horror movie beats, or the fascination of doing twisted things that is what you get. It isn’t too mainstream because I mean it’s really some shit you won’t hear on the radio often (if ever). So that is a broad description of what Horrorcore is. There is your second history lesson of the day.

I say all that to give you this: another playlist. Combine Devils Night with a twisted ass playlist for you to I guess vibe to for the day? Not sure if I can say vibe along with Devils Night, shit seems weird. Whatever, here you go ladies and germs.

  1. 3 6 Mafia- Break Da Law ’95’
  2. Ganksta Nip- Psycho
  3. Esham- Devil’s Groove
  4. Big L- Devil’s Son
  5. ICP- Dead Body Man
  6. Geto Boys- Mind Playing Tricks
  7. Eminem- ’97 Bonnie & Clyde
  8. Eminem- Kim
  9. Gravediggaz- 1-800 Suicide
  10. Tech N9ne- Suicide Letters
  11. Bone Thugs- Mo’murda
  12. Tyler, the Creator- Tron Cat
  13. DMX- X is Coming