20 Must Have Albums for 4/20

4/20 is back upon us and environmentalist and tree huggers alike are around the world rejoicing. If you’re engaging in the festivities today grab your favorite snacks and favorite tunes. Lucky for you Stoop Kidz got your back like chiroprac on the music tip. If you remember last year we dropped our 4/20 playlist for you all. This year we gonna keep your tape deck full with the 20 MUST HAVE albums for this occasion. In no particular order. Let’s get the proceedings proceeding this evening shall we?

  1. How High Soundtrack (2001): The stoner classic movie How High is accompanied by a great ass soundtrack that has dope songs like “Da Rockwilder,” “How to Roll A Blunt,” and “Pt II.”How High Soundtrack
  2. Cypress Hill- Cypress Hill (1991): One of the earlier albums released during the West Coast uprising, the trio drops their debut effort. Also one of the first heavily influenced stoner-esque albums.Cypress Hill
  3. Snoop Dogg- Doggystyle (1993): Of course Uncle Snoop’s magnum opus effort  gets a spot on the list. The G-Funk classic album has hits on top of hit on top of hits to vibe out to for the day.Doggystyle
  4. Wiz Khalifa- Kush x OJ (2010): The Pittsburgh MC dropped this gem 7 years ago and helped spearhead the new hippy movement into hip-hop. Still look at him as a top 5 mixtape artist ever.kush x oj
  5. Curren$y- Smokee Robinson (2010): Wiz’s partner in rhyme and cheeba makes his way on the must have list as well. Another front runner in the new hippy, movement Curren$y doesn’t disappoint on this mixtape. Smokee Robinson
  6. Method Man- Tical (1994)“What’s that shit that they be smoking? Tical, Tical..” When an album starts out like that you know you’re in for the blunt ride of your life. The debut solo effort of Method Man was a dark trip through 90’s New York life. All the more enjoyable with the marijuwanna. Tical
  7. Bone Thugs N Harmony- E.1999 Eternal (1995)– When you get pass the horrocore exuded on this album you get a dangerous delightful trip down Cleveland with your favorite hybrid rap singing group. e 1999 eternal
  8. Dr. Dre- The Chronic (1992): Come on now, you not going to have a 4/20 playlist and NOT have the doctor bless it. Post NWA breakup, Dre goes on to light a blunt and ride off into the sunset with his solo debut. Chronic
  9. The Weeknd- House of Balloons (2011): nowwwww, if you play this and feel as though the herbs aren’t strong enough and you need some harder drugs to accompany this album we over here at Stoop Kidz are not responsible for any adverse side effects you may feel. With that said, to me this is the best of the trilogy albums, and very very very dark, but enjoyable project.House of Balloons
  10. The Pharcyde- Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde (1992): I feel as though this is a severely overlooked project. Probably because so much good shit was dropping in the 90’s that this gem wasn’t received well. However, I think this album is integral in the whole alternative, self deprecating genre of hip-hop. You see the influences of this album in many of the newer artist. Any who, perfect album for this day because it’s witty, trippy, and overall funny. Cover art is mad dope too.The-Pharcyde-Bizarre-Ride-II
  11. Friday Soundtrack (1995): Our second soundtrack that made the list. This compilation captures the essence of weed indulgences through the decades. From Isley Brothers to Rick James. Bootsy Collins to Scarface. Ice Cube to Cypress Hill. It’s all there. Doesn’t hurt much that the movie it accompanies is still friggin awesome. friday soundtrack
  12. Audio Push- Good Vibe Tribe (2015): Now these guys I secretly root for to make it big, they are some dope characters. The title lives up to the mixtape. Nothing but good vibes and great music. And shit makes you wanna gather your homies to have a bonfire and have music discussions until the sun comes up.good vibe tribe
  13. Erykah Badu- But You Caint Use My Phone (2015): Another vibed out ass tape by Ms. Badu. From the title you can assume it’s about phones and shit but her smooth ass voice makes anything sound great. Don’t know many who could turn putting your phone down into a sexy ass song but her, so yeah. Crank this one time for the one time today. but you caint use my phone
  14. Fabulous- Soul Tape II (2012): You could’ve honestly put any Soul Tape on here and it would’ve been cool. I chose this one off the strength of St. Elmo’s Fire. Shit smoother than butter on some hot ass toast. soul tape 2
  15. Wiz Khalifa- Taylor Allerdice (2012): I was going back and forth on having multiple albums from the same artist but I mean fck it why not? You can’t deny Taylor Allerdice, and this and Kush x OJ are pretty much package deals in my book. taylor allerdice
  16. A$AP Rocky- LiveLoveA$ap (2011): This was pretty much the world’s introduction to A$AP Rocky and his posse and it damn sure didn’t disappoint. Though not the norm expected from a New York rapper, Rocky carved his own lane and gunned it at 100 mph. Now you got a bunch of jiggy young niggas coming out the woodworks. Remember A$AP taught you.livelovea$ap
  17. Juicy J- Blue Dream and Lean (2011): Juicy J had a bigger comeback in rap than AP did when he tore his ACL then came back to run for 2000+ yards. The way Juicy reinvented himself was astounding. Should be taught in Hip-Hop College if they had one on old niggas trying to stay relevant in the game. Any who great mixtape from Mr. Trippy himselfblue dream and lean
  18. Kid Cudi- Man On The Moon (2009): Though there isn’t any particular order of this article it is fitting that this album was towards the bottom. This is that coming down from the high kind of album. Or the i’m smoking to ease the pain type album. Or the  I ate entirely too much of the edible, shit ain’t work, now 45 minutes later it’s kicking like a mule and I want to come down to planet earth because i haven’t written my will yet type albums. man on the moon
  19. Travi$ Scott- Days Before Rodeo (2014): This is like the yang to the aforementioned Cudi album above. If you aren’t on the verge of being lost in space, you can play this and rage all night until the high finally wears off. Or if you’re the type who likes to party like a mug once the herbals kick in please play this and mosh along.  days before rodeo
  20. The Internet- Ego Death (2015): & to end this must have album collection we have The Internet. With the new age neo-soul/hip hop/ r&b fusion you literally can’t go wrong. You can listen to it at a poetry slam, in the car, a cypher, a party, you name it. This group is the shit and Syd’s latest release was also that Johnny Blaze. ego death


There you have it ladies and germs. The 20 4/20 albums you must have. Enjoy them, enjoy your holiday, and fly in peace today.